What Constitutes A Man?

Is a male inherently a man or is a man something more than his genetic make-up?

Society has done a great injustice to the general public and young boys in particular. There is no rights of passage for boys--leaving boyhood and entering manhood. This leads to there being a lack of conversation and agreement on "what constitutes a man". Young boys by default learn how to be a man "in passing". Meaning as they engage with various groups of men through direct contact, secondary sources, media and other means, they begin to develop a definition of what "defines" a man. This is not the same as identifying a definition consciously; this is an unconscious process in which most males are not aware even takes place. However, when you ask a man to define what constitutes a man in his own words, he's liable to stutter first. He has never contemplated what it takes to be who he believes he is.

Man refers to gender--meaning the societal and personal expectations of said gender. These expectations have changed over time--evolving with the needs of a man's time.

So what is a man today? A man is an idea--enlightened thinker. A man is an individual--leader by trade. A man is a process--journey not a destination.


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