Education...What Does it Mean to You?

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely." -Unknown

Checks and balances are a necessary component of a fair system of bureaucracy and government. Without it, any government institution can carry out the agenda of a single man or the group/corporation that supports or funds its "single man".

Bigger Question: What organization makes sure the public education system is not only effective but purposeful and remaining consistent with its purposeful agenda? If absolute power corrupts absolutely, who has power over educational public school curriculum and what group "checks and balances" this organization's agenda and tracks its efficiency? The privatization of schools has gotten the American public's attention off of this topic as "choice of schools" has been presented as a worthy solution. However, "choice of school" does not address national curriculum and therefore leaves schools, mostly in poor neighborhoods, as deprived and ineffective as ever. The emergence of charter and private schools adjusted curriculum for a hand full of kids but the majority of kids in America go to public schools which still have standards that are vague and substandard at best.

If there is not one size fits all approach to education, what is the function of a leading researcher in education? Shouldn't their tasks be to collaborate with teachers and principals to find the best solutions for a school instead of consulting from a standpoint of "ultimate keeper of school reform knowledge"? No one knows education like the teachers who are on the front line of this "fight". They should be respected in that degree as they have reasonable and practical suggestions that may only be suitable for their students (though they know their students best). This is best practice. One may not disclose a model that can be mass-produced and coined by a company however, this tedious yet necessary approach to student learning will give appreciation to the regional, socioeconomic, cultural and varying academic levels of their students. Though time consuming and tedious, this process is a form of action research and seeks to understand and solve the problem from a hands on approach and within the "event" or action and not above it or other forms of "Top-Down-non collaborative applications.


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