Advantaged vs. Disadvantaged

"It is the responsibility of advantaged people to assist and advocate on the behalf of the disadvantaged,"

- David Manning

Advantaged people are persons who can think and control their bodily functions independently juxtapose to disadvantaged people whom cannot. Most literature in self-help, religious text, motivational books and some in psychology support the notion that all one must do is...x...and their world will be changed for the better, For instance, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind advises people to challenge Brules as one will ultimately be able to "bend reality". Rhonda Byrne's Best-Seller The Secret suggests that a person be gracious, believe in positivity and positive things will manifests. However, these views only aid the advantaged. For the disadvantaged that have neurological differences which distorts their thinking or have experienced insurmountable trauma, what are they to do to improve their lives? Are we to believe that an able-body, fully conscious being has an equal opportunity to improve his circumstance as another suffering from dissociative identity disorder (DID), formerly known as multiple personality disorder? If so, then yes it is every man for himself but if we believe that some persons both nature and by nurture are disadvantaged, we then must conclude that on their behalf some form of intervention or compliment is necessary.

I am not concluding that I "alone" have the solution but I would like to frame the question for which an answer is past due. "Do advantaged have a responsibility to those of a disadvantaged?"


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